As a reliable business partner, Wiselink takes pride in consistently providing products from reputable suppliers who deliver the best in product quality and service. Through our detailed selection, we are confident that the line of products we carry represents quality.

From the very beginning, our suppliers are partners who share our vision of customer satisfaction and commitment to continuous improvement. Our yearly quality review also ensures that the quality of our products is never compromised.


Branded Product Line

With the broad range of products we offer, Wiselink aims to provide customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience for their needs. Furthermore, our manufacturers are market leaders in their respective industries and their product speaks of quality. Order with confidence today and get the leverage you need.



Cross Reference

We assist you finding similar cross references product. This means searching for parts which are similar in function to your requirement. We are able to tap onto our vast product lines with various different manufacturer to meet your needs.


Our cross-reference database contains hundreds of thousands part number parameters and we are able to help you identify a “fit, form and function” replacement or an equivalent alternative using specific search criteria.


Selecting the right industry standard product for your application is easy.
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