At Wiselink, we understand the importance of getting your parts in the right place, right time and right form for your assembly line. That is why Wiselink’s logistics technology and team of experts is in place to make sure that your parts are where they need to be in the right form. The ability to do so significantly reduces rate of error and facilitates the production process for you. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


Logistics Assurance

With every outbound package, we ensure that each parcel is carefully labeled with information such as:

  •  Your Part Number
  •  Your Purchase Order Number
  •  Quantity

Custom labels and Certificate of Compliance are also provided upon request.
Shipping documents and tracking processes will also be provided for exports.



Special Packaging

Where special packaging is required, we will work with you to develop packaging according to your needs. Some of the special packaging include:

  •  Split pack for small quantities purchase
  •  Tape and reel service