Heraeus, headquartered in Germany, is the worldwide market and technology leader in platinum thin film technology. Platinum temperature sensors are characterized by high stability, repeatability, and fast response times. Heraeus offers a wide range of platinum temperature sensors with a variety of resistance values and temperature coefficients.


Heraeus Surface Mount Temperature Sensors
Surface Mount Temperature Sensors

Standard SMD Sensors are available in Platinum (Pt) 3850 TC temperature coefficient. With Temperature Coefficient (TC) typically at 3850 ppm/K and temperature range from -50°C to +130°C.

Heraeus Sinterable Temperature Sensor
Sinterable Temperature Sensor

The main application focus of the SMD Sinterable temperature sensor are Power Electronics. The design allows a potential free positioning direct to the heat source/die. Both sides (metallization) are electrically isolated from each other and therefore no additional structuring of the substrate is needed for direct sintering.

Heraeus SOT / TO Sensors
SOT / TO Sensors

The Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector in a plastic housing is characterized by its standardized signal according to DIN EN 60751 (according to IEC 751), interchangeability, excellent long time stability and accuracy. SOT/TO Sensors have temperature Coefficient (TC) typically at 3850 ppm/K and temperature range from -50°C to +150°C.