This legacy name, Hirschmann, has a long history of acquistion that resulted in separate ownership of the brand and differing range of products today. Today, different divisions of the Hirschmann brand operate as separate entities with differing range of products. 

In July 2006, SKS Kontakttechnik Gmbh acquired Hirschmann's Test and Measurement division and allowed it to own all Hirschmann Test and Measurement products. Named as Hirschmann Test and Measurement today, it provides a range of safety measuring leads and test accessories.

Apart from which, in January 2007, Belden acquired Hirchmann's line of connectors and Ethernet products for the industrial market. Today, the Hirschmann (part of Belden Group) is currently the only brand  that offers a complete product range for homogeneous data communication in the industrial sector using Ethernet and Fieldbus systems. This includes Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches as well as industrial security and WLAN systems that provide a uniform, company-wide communications infrastructure without interface problems and media discontinuities. 

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Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet
Industrial Ethernet

Under the Industrial Ethernet range of products, Hirschmann offers various types of ethernet switches, routers and accessories for various applications.

Hirschmann Industrial Connectors
Industrial Connectors

Hirschmann offers both Power Connectors as well as Valve Connectors (for hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-magnetic actuators).

Hirschmann Fiber Interfaces
Fiber Interfaces

Fiber interfaces' products include Fieldbus repeaters, Fiber converters and Optical Bypass Relay.

Hirschmann OptoQuick Components
OptoQuick Components

Hirschmann OptoQuick connectors for plastic fiber are easy to mount and provide a reliable connection. No risk of RFI/EMI, no disturbance from ground potential and increased transmission distances.

Hirschmann Test Probes
Test Probes

Hirschmann Plugs and Sockets
Plugs and Sockets

Hirschmann Measuring Leads
Measuring Leads

Hirschmann Crocodile Clips
Crocodile Clips