Johnson designs and manufactures an industry leading line of RF coaxial connectors and adapters, which are available in both 50 and 75 ohm versions. Its connectors are designed to provide the highest quality data transmission for audio, video and data applications.

The Johnson line of products can address frequency ranges from DC to 46GHz and all sizes from Ultra-miniature interfaces (UMC), Micro-miniature, (MCX, MMCX, SMP), Subminiature (SMA, SMB, SMK, kwiQMAte ™), Medium connectors (Type N connectors) through to large connectors (DIN7/16). The breadth of products available within the Johnson range includes board and cable mount connectors as well as semi-rigid, conformable, and flexible RF coaxial cables.



Johnson Coax Connectors
Coax Connectors

Johnson Coax Connectors are designed for use in a variety of applications and markets, with high frequency performance from DC to 65 GHz, while delivering superior signal integrity in the most demanding environments.

Johnson Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies

Johnson's portfolio of Cable Assemblies has both same series and between series Cable assemblies in the following family types: SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, BNC, Type N and UMC.

Johnson Adapters

Adapters are commonly used in RF Test & Measurement applications, requiring the conversion of two different RF interfaces or gender. Johnson offers a full range of same series and between series adapters.

Johnson Terminations

Terminations are a passive, single port resistive interconnect devices, which are used to terminate the output port/ impedance of a device under Test (DUT) or to terminate one end of an RF Test cable.

Johnson Hardware and Tooling
Hardware and Tooling

Johnson Hardware & Tooling offers products as Banana Jacks, Banana Plugs, Binding Posts, Horizontal Test Jacks, Test Jacks, Tip Jacks, Tip Plugs, Vertical Test Jacks and other Tools.