Triad Magnetic manufactures high-performance magnetic components for a triadmagnetics-logowide range of industrial and commercial applications. As a global leader in the design and manufacture of transformers, power supplies, and inductors, Triad products are backed up by more than 60 years of design innovation. Triad’s magnetics have been to the moon and back, and were incorporated in the very first microwave ovens built in the 1970s.

Triad Magnetics operate state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and use advanced cellular production techniques to minimize cycle times. Their system of in-process inspection, pre-ship audits, and failure analysis ensure the highest level of product quality and reliability.

Products from Triad Magnetics can be found in computer, automation controls, industrial process control, appliances, smart meters, gaming devices, lighting systems, commercial window treatments and more.



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Power Transformers Current Sense Transformers

Wall Plug In Transformers

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Power Supplies and LED Drivers Audio Transformers Inductors and Chokes
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High Frequency Magnetics Engineering Kits and Custom Solutions

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