Midwest Microwave broad product portfolio includes: Attenuators, Precision Adapters, Terminations, DC Blocks, Power Dividers, Couplers, Equalizers, Phase Shifters, Connectors, Custom Cable Assemblies and Test Cables that are designed and manufactured for both military and commercial applications.

Midwest also offers a wide variety of Qualified Product List (QPL) approved products in the M3933, M39030 and M39012 series, as well as many DESC/DSCC approved models.



Midwest Microwave Terminations

Midwest Microwave Terminations are designed to meet extreme demands of today's microwave test or operating system applications. Terminations include SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC and many more.

Midwest Microwave Attenuators

Attenuators are passive components designed for the purpose of reducing the input power in a matched transmission line system by a predictable amount on a linear basis.

Midwest Microwave Adapters

Midwest Microwave Adapters are available in almost all of the popular connector interfaces including 2.92mm, 3.5mm, and 7mm. It features consistently low VSWR and insertion loss performance in a minimum length compact physical package.

Midwest Microwave Couplers and Hybrids
Couplers and Hybrids

Couplers and Hybrids are usually four port passive devices containing two separate transmission lines, each having one port on each end that come into proximity to each other such that microwave energy propagating on one of the lines will couple to the other.

Midwest Microwave DC Blocks
DC Blocks

Midwest Microwave DC Blocks pass all frequencies from 500.0 MHz to 18.0 GHz while exhibiting low insertion loss and low VSWR. They are designed for laboratory, production line, or system use and are available in all of the popular connector interfaces.

Midwest Microwave Power Dividers
Power Dividers

Power Dividers are passive devices that divide an input signal into any number of equal output signals. The ability of a power divider is to provide identical phase matched output signals from one input signal, measures its design integrity and quality.