Since its formation in 1960, Riedon has been at the cutting edge of resistive solutions where its wirewound, thick & thin film, and also foil resistive products can be seen in industries as diverse as: Aerospace, Military and Instrumentation. Today, Riedon employs more than 130 team members worldwide and has manufacturing, technical support, and sales facilities in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Mexico. Its product offerings are primarily resistors and shunts.


Riedon Shunts

Shunts are a very low resistance precision resistor that is wired in series with the load you want to measure. It produces a small voltage that meters and monitors can read and convert to an Amp reading.

Riedon TO Type / Chassis Mount Resistors
TO Type / Chassis Mount Resistors

For high power and high pulse applications, Riedon's resistors provides superior survival and operability.

Riedon Surface Mount Resistors
Surface Mount Resistors

Surface mount fixed resistors are used to reduce the flow of electrical current in circuits. Riedon offers surface mount resistors ranging from 0.01 Ohms up to 1TOhms.

Riedon Leaded Resistors
Leaded Resistors

Riedon offers wirewound resistors particularly for applications where accuracy and stability are important. Tolerances can be as tight as 0.005%, and long-term stability factors are better than film resistors.