Designed and manufactured by Cinch Connectivity Solutions, the Stratos line of optical connectivity products is globally recognized as highly reliable, cost-effective, and provides optical connectivity solutions that are virtually immune to dust, mud, oil, water, and other contaminants.

The expanded beam connectivity products are ideal for harsh environment applications in the broadcast, industrial, petrochemical and military/aerospace markets where high reliability, low maintenance and quick serviceability are critical requirements. The actives product line includes optical transceivers, optical media converters and custom devices tailored to your application.



Stratos Low Rider Transceiver
Low Rider Transceiver

Low Rider Transceiver provides a wide range of cost effective transceivers, ranging from 155 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with options for SM and MM. All Low Rider transceivers are data agile, have a duplex LC interface and are designed for, and proven in, harsh environments.

Stratos Quad Hybrid Transceivers
Quad Hybrid Transceivers

Quad Hybrid Transceivers provide a highly ruggedized, small footprint, cost effective solution for 1 to 2.5Gbps multimode optical data links. The device includes an integrated Fiber Flex cable terminated into an industry standard 1x12 MT connector.

Stratos Front Loader Transceiver
Front Loader Transceiver

Front Loader Transceiver provides a hot pluggable, low profile, cost effective solution between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps, in SM and MM. Designed for vibration tolerance and built on the proven Low Rider transceiver, it utilizes a true pin socket contact to guarantee performance during vibration.

Stratos Fiber Flex Optical Circuits
Fiber Flex Optical Circuits

Cinch Connectivity Solutions Fiber Flex is created from custom design files and parameters to route the fiber network in a compact and efficient manner. The use of rugged materials such as Kapton, Fluorosilicone, PEEK, FEP, and adhesives provide reliable protection to the optical fiber, satisfying the rugged demands of Mil-Aero and rugged Industrial applications.

Stratos Mini RJ Transceiver
Mini RJ Transceiver

A compact formfactor, designed for use in space constrained applications and offered in a variety of data rates from 0.125Gbps to 2.125Gbps.

Stratos SFF/SFP Transceiver
SFF/SFP Transceiver

Stratos offer reliable and proven SFF/SFP Transceiver at a competitive price point. MSA compliant SFF and SFP options are available up to 2.5 Gbps.