Vitelec provides a comprehensive range of RF coaxial interconnect products and cable assemblies. The company has a long established reputation for offering quality and innovation with a wide range of both standard and custom designed products for the electronic and communication industries.

Vitelec is part of the Cinch Connectivity Solutions European facility for connector products and assemblies based in Chelmsford UK. The European facility designs, manufactures and tests radio frequency, microwave and fibre optic cable assemblies which are marketed alongside its range of interconnection products under the Cinch Connectivity brand.


Vitelec Coax Connectors
Coax Connectors

Vitelec's Coax Connectors are used primarily for Test & Measurement applications, either in the factory or in the laboratory.

Vitelec Adapters

Vitelec offers same series adapters available in BNC, F Type, FME, N Type, SMA, TNC and UHF series and also between series adapters available in BNC, EURO, F Type, FME, Mini-UHF, N Type, PHONO, SMA, TNC and UHF series.

Vitelec Terminations

An RF Coaxial Termination is a passive 1-port interconnect device, which provides a resistive power termination to properly terminate the output port of a device under test (DUT) or to terminate one end of an RF test cable.