Quality is always comprehensive and all-encompassing
We see quality as an integrated concept that applies to all our company’s internal and external activities. At the same time we believe in flexibility, tailoring all our operations to actual market requirements. We believe that this is the only way to create solutions that will convince and impress customer with efficiency and innovation.


Quality management equals competitiveness
We have always worked and documented our operations according to the most stringent quality standards  since 2001, in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines as what  we are certified.

Our goal is maximum customer orientation, efficiency and zero faults.     

Quality starts right at the top
The management and support units provide the crucial impetus for directing and steering the company. With their help we make sure that it stays on course, making adjustments as necessary.
Quality is an important component of our success.
This applies not only to the perfection of the products we sell, but also to the flawless functioning of all company processes.

Our committed and qualified employees
To ensure these aims and objectives, our dedicated and highly qualified staffs play an essential role.
Indeed, our employees represent our company’s most valuable resource.  Systematic induction, training courses and regular employee meetings and surveys improve personal commitment.  The modern communication and information systems in place at our company ensure ongoing feedback and the continuous transfer of know-how.