Wiselink provides the supply chain solution to its customers with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. This helps to reduce the lead time as lead time volatility hampers production schedule.

•  Manage inventory levels based on forecast needs
•  Quickly and efficiently review customer forecast
•  Review available report with customer



Improve your inventory management, we manage your inventory from our warehouse for the qualified customers.
Under this program inventory is electronically bonded and not available to other customers.

•  Available inventory to meet your JIT needs
•  Access to critical parts at critical times
•  Lower inventory carrying costs
•  Reduced transaction costs
•  Bonds that support your MRP needs


– Consignment
Improve your cash flow while maintaining product availability through this Consignment program that places our inventory in your warehouse for the qualified customers.
Under this program you assume ownership of inventory as you need it.

•  On-site inventory availability
•  Lower inventory carrying costs and higher turns
•  Better cash flow
•  Reduced time to market by improved ability to manage swings in demand


– Automated Replenishment
A real-time automated inventory system that assists you and your inventory management needs.
This program is available to the qualified customers as it can be used in conjunction with consignment or utilized only for replenishment of inventory.

•  Lowers inventory carrying costs and higher turns
•  Replenishes inventory in a timely manner using minimum and reorder target quantities
•  Provides real time usage, receipt and cycle count reporting
•  Shortens product cycle time
•  Decreases time to market