Headquartered in Taiwan, Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) is a leading manufacturer of high quality acoustic components (micro speakers, mini speakers, speaker boxes, transducers, indicators, magnetic buzzers, piezo buzzers, sirens, electret condenser microphones, earphones and receivers). AATC products meet ISO 14000, ISO9001, TS-16949 standards, assuring you of the best quality. 

AATC provides high-quality electronic products and related electronic terminal application technology services. Product applications include computers, communications, automotive, medical equipment, security, uninterruptible power supply, Bluetooth terminal, GPS, household appliances and other consumer electronics products. 


Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) Buzzer Transducer
Buzzer Transducer

Transducers are externally-driven with AC power. They allow users to play out multi-tone beeps or short melodies.

Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) Buzzer Indicator
Buzzer Indicator

Indicators are internally-driven with DC power and built-in oscillators. Users can easily play out default mono-tone beeps or alarm sounds.

Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) Piezo Plate
Piezo Plate

Made of high-quality dielectric ceramic, piezo plates are widely used in acoustic devices, sensors and actuators.

Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) Microphone

Omni-directional, bi-directional and uni-directional microphones are available.

Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) Micro-speaker

Human voice and music are played out by micro-speakers, which come in various shapes, diaphragm material, mounting types and frequency response characteristics.

Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp (AATC) Receivers

Receivers can be regarded as speakers used in telephones, mobile phones, earphones and headphones.