In 1970, Statek Corporation pioneered the miniaturization of quartz timing elements to revolutionize the frequency control industry. Today, Statek continues the tradition of innovation as a technological leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-miniature quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors. Since its inception, Statek has been synonymous with innovation, service and quality. All products are designed, manufactured and tested in the United States.

Statek crystals, oscillators and sensors are known to have high stability and precision frequency, low long-term aging, low power consumption, extremely small footprint, excellent shock resistance and ultra low-profile.


Statek Surface Mount Crystals
Surface Mount Crystals

Statek's Surface Mount Crystals have frequencies ranging from 10 kHz to 250 MHz and possesses the highest shock survivability in the market. High Reliability and excellent long-term aging makes it an idea choice for every industry.

Statek Surface Mount Oscillators
Surface Mount Oscillators

The Surface Mount Oscillators by Statek proves the highest shock survivability in the industry. The oscillators possess low phase noise, fast start-up and requires low power.

Statek Leaded Oscillators
Leaded Oscillators

High temperature, high shock resistance are just some of the key features of Statek's Leaded Oscillators.

Statek Thru-hole Oscillators
Thru-hole Oscillators

Statek Sensors

High reliability, stability and precision are the key attributes of Statek's Sensor. These sensors can be used in many applications such as Manufacturing Process Control, Guidance, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Atomic Force Microscopy & Spectroscopy, Liquid, Viscosity Measurement and Motorsport Engine Control.